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Find out about the recent history of Chinese companies listing on AIM and the context in which China Resolutions came about.

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Our Team

Our Team

Find out more about the highly experienced China Resolutions team and Advisory Board.

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How we work

  1. Meet with the investors and clarify attainable objectives;

  2. Design an overall framework for achieving the objective and agree it with the shareholders;

  3. Approach the relevant Chinese counterparties and the appropriate government authorities in the Province or Municipality and (i) apply indirect pressure on the government departments to assist in coordinating a proper resolution to the issues and (ii) once government support has been obtained, meet with and enter into direct negotiations with the Chinese counterparty on behalf of the investors;

  4. Draft any communication with those authorities and the Company in both English and Chinese and with any UK authorities in English;

  5. Suggest specific negotiating strategies for the shareholder's approval, undertake these negotiations and report promptly on the results;

  6. Propose, negotiate, agree a draft settlement that delivers a return of shareholder funds; such settlement will be conditional on shareholder approval and will involve the execution of a comprehensive settlement agreement between the shareholders/company and the Chinese counterparties;

  7. Obtain approval of the conditional settlement agreement from shareholders and ensure its subsequent implementation.

It is anticipated that any settlement will be specific to a particular company rather than to the Fujian Companies as a whole.

The Advisory board includes some of the Non Executive directors of the Fujian Companies which will enable China Resolutions to have access to the circumstances leading to the respective Fujian delistings. These Advisory Board members will not be remunerated for their assistance on the Fujian Companies' recovery.

Both John McLean and Jay Newman are Directors of Sorbic International plc where Tim Clissold's Company BCSEAL Ltd was hired in June 2015 to recover certain assets. The fee and financial arrangements associated with this assignment do not accrue to China Resolutions in any way and furthermore any fees which become payable will be paid by the beneficiaries (Sorbic Loan Note Holders) out of the amounts they receive.

This work will be performed primarily by Tim Clissold in China, whilst John McLean will be the main point of contact in the UK. Tim will be assisted as necessary by other members of our Chinese team.

China Resolutions approach is to work with the authorities and the respective counterparties and it has an established track record of achieving solutions which works for all parties. The timescale for achieving a settlement is unknown at this stage, however it is estimated that any proposals will be available in mid 2017.

If you would like to learn further how China Resolutions can help you, please either email John on or phone him on 020 7930 8888.


China Resolutions is currently working to realise value on a number of projects under mandates from shareholders and/or directors of former AIM companies, including Naibu, China Chaintek, JQW and Camkids, (the "Fujian Companies"). In addition, China Resolutions has been hired by a number of former NASDAQ companies to resolve their issues in China and is also in discussions with a number of other overseas markets to provide a resolution.

The Fujian Companies had an approximate market capitalisation at the time of their AIM listing of £400 million and the NASDAQ companies had an equivalent value of in excess of $1 billion. Shareholders wishing to participate in our recovery program are invited to register below.